About Millets

What are millets?

Millets are actually small-seeded grasses are totally gluten-free and harvested as grains. Millets are used in a variety of dishes across the world like gluten free cereals. They are widely used in making flatbreads(Bhakri), porridges, pilafs, drinks, bread and more.

Millets are also used in making alcoholic drinks such as gluten-free beer.

Why You Should Choose Millets in Your Gluten-Free diet?

Consuming contamination-free millets is always recommended.

Further, it is also needful to use millets grown in natural conditions to ensure you get 100% of the nutrition you are looking for.

Since ages, these superfoods are commonly used by us in India due to their known incredible nutrient-rich balance.

Gluten-Free millets play a vital role in preventing and curing many health issues. It has been always recommended for kids to have millet porridge. Millets are a rich source of starch and proteins which can prove very healthy in a daily diet.

Millet benefits are numerous like, they are a perfect gluten-free source of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.

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