A perfect diet in celiac disease conditions

Every protein we consume is necessary for our body and health. But for people with Celiac Disease, Gluten is the worst enemy. A word that we fear the most. For such patients, its necessary to stay away from Gluten and we at SkyRoots know the harm it can cause. Our Bajra and Jowar flakes make a perfect wheat allergy diet and they are made with ancient grains which are cultivated with 100% natural methods and are processed with care.
Choose perfect gluten free foods for celiac disease for your condition from a brand that cares and thinks about you. Choose a healthy lifestyle today!


Naturally Grown Millets

Made with Naturally
Grown Millets

No added Sugar, Flavors or Colors

No added Sugar, Flavors
& Colors

Low Glycemic Index

Slow Releasing Carbohydrates
& Low Glycemic Index


Jowar (sorghum) flakes poha

Jowar (Sorghum) Flakes Poha
Easy and nutritious delicacy for early morning breakfast or along with high tea.

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Jowar (sorghum) flakes chivda

Jowar (Sorghum) Flakes Chivda
Crunchy and nutritious delicacy.

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Jowar (sorghum) flakes with milk or buttermilk

Jowar (Sorghum) Flakes with milk or Buttermilk
A very quick and sweet way to eat Jowar Flakes. A healthy substitute to corn flakes.

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Rupali, Pune

I was prescribed to have high fibre food to control acidity and avoid indigestion. I got to know about SkyRoots Millet flakes and I tried it in my 4th month of pregnancy, my physician liked this idea and now its been while I’m on this special diet, thanks SkyRoots.

Mayur, Pune

Quite tasty and ready to prepare as a breakfast. As I am quite obese, I have consulted many doctors before and some of them have suggested me to replace the Wheat flour and Maida with Bajra roti(Bhakri), as these are not available in my area, I tried SkyRoots Bajra Flakes as a diet with other foods and I am feeling quite fresh.

Yogesh, Pune

Quality is nice. Packaging is good and hygienic. As I am suffering from Celiac Disease, I have a very few options in my diet and Sorghum flakes from SkyRoots are one of the best options I have come across.

Pritesh, Pune.

Less hype and more substance. Though SkyRoots is a new brand in millet flakes foods, and they are really tastier and better in quality than what I have tasted before.

Jitesh, Pune

Very light and healthy. These flakes are my perfect way to start the day. It’s good in taste too.

Sneha, Pune

I heard Bajra and Jowar are ideal for diabetes and weight management then I started to search for the same. Got to know about SkyRoots, ordered and received within 3 days. This product is sugar-free and tasty. I am using it as a breakfast and I am feeling like it will change my lifestyle.

Shruti, Aurangabad

It’s great, good for kids. I tried their recipes and my son loved his food.

Sushma, Pune

I wanted a wholesome snack for my son which can provide him a diet full of nutrition. SkyRoots fits the bill. I ordered SkyRoots Jowar flakes only reading the ingredients and content of fibre. The flakes with milk are changing the way my son is behaving and I think it’s working.

Sandeep, Pune

My physician suggested me to include Bajra or Jowar in my daily diet and I came across SkyRoots millet flakes which are meeting my expectations. I tried Bajra Flakes for breakfast and it’s like a brunch for me. I am feeling full for a longer time and soon be losing weight.