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About SkyRoots

SkyRoots is a company with a simple aim: Bring Back Healthy Life.

In case you’re wondering why are we so passionate about what we do, it’s simply because we want the world to be a healthier and a sustainable place. 

We believe that food lies at the heart of our existence, and with the right combinations, can solve many problems at once. SkyRoots is happy that our philosophy is endorsed at the highest level, with UN declaring the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets.

Millets were long considered as a ‘poor man’s diet’. It was associated with boring and bland food. SkyRoots is on a mission to change that. We want to show the world that eating healthy does not mean that you need to give up on the satisfaction of eating an enjoyable snack. All our made with no gluten ingredients products are proof of that.

SkyRoots support the millet year in order to promote a healthy, active, and holistic lifestyle in India.

Our Secrets

You guessed it right: The age old Superfood: Nutrition packed Millets.

The truth is, whether you have a serious health condition like obesity, diabetes, autism, celiac disease, or cancer, or are only looking for small and easy diet changes to build a healthy lifestyle, the mighty millets have something to offer you!

And we say this out of first-hand experience.

Our own families, from grandparents to little kids, munch on the same naturally procured and processed millets which have been churned into top-notch products for you. No matter what age group you belong to, you are sure to relish our healthy, convenient, and devilishly delicious mixes.

International Year of Millets

Declaring 2023 as the International Year of Millets was a proposal put forth by India in the United Nations. The proposal got the support of over 70 countries and thus began the long journey to ensure millet gets its rightful place.

The reason to shine the spotlight on millets is that millets can be our answer to achieving SDG goals of sustainable farming, eradicating hunger and conserving natural resources like water. As a responsible business working in the industry of healthy and sustainable food, SkyRoots wholeheartedly supports the International Year of Millets. We have a range of products that will appeal to a global audience and help them adopt millets as part of their daily diet. Our commitment also ensures that we support millet farmers in the country and promote millet farming, which is by nature organic and sustainable. 

As the country and world gears up to celebrate millets through various events, we plan to support the initiative by adding more innovative products and increasing awareness about the benefits of millets.

Why Millets

The truth is, no matter how much we evolve, our basic need of a healthy life will always be the first priority. The age old cliché of healthy mind in a healthy body remains unchanged.

And tried and tested over generations, it is proven that adding millets to your diet offers a multitude of whole-grain benefits like high amounts of fiber, calcium, protein, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals. This in turn strengthens the immune system and works on the overall wellbeing of the mind and body.

The other thing that boosts our team is the fact that, unlike other food grains, Millets can withstand high temperatures, survive in arid regions with low rainfall and grow in saline soil! With most of Maharashtra being declared as a drought affected region, this is our way of helping farmers grapple with their livelihoods on a daily basis.