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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our products rely heavily on the availability of the raw ingredients – mainly Millets, the cultivation of which, serves as a lifesaver for farmers living in conditions of drought. Being the mediators between the farmer and consumer, our contribution to the Indian economy goes a long way in securing sustainable futures for many of these families.

Supporting COVID Care with Millets

Millets are considered as a great immunity booster and were recommended to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. We did our bit by distributing healthy millet snacks and food packets to COVID patients at the COVID center in Pune.

Distributing essentials and healthy food to the needy during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard for every strata of the society. With jobs lost and an uncertain future, many migrant and marginal sectors were left vulnerable and hungry. As a responsible business, SkyRoots undertook distribution of essential grocery and healthy food items to these people.

Children’s Day with a Difference

SkyRoots employees celebrated Children’s Day by spending the day with autistic children at the Autistic child care center. This event was initiated and supported across 4 cities in India. Our employees from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune went to these centers and distributed healthy millet products to them as children’s day gifts.