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Buy Gluten Free Bajara Flakes
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Bajara (Pearl Millet) Flakes


Bajra or Bajara or Bajri, a millet that has been around for years. Filled with Iron content, Bajara is super soft for the human digestive system. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, Bajara is a mostly ignored millet in our diet. Discover SkyRoots Bajara products including Bajara flakes & millet cereal and redefine the language of a healthy lifestyle. Try our Bajara flakes online and buy today! Absolutely gluten free & healthy food online.

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Indian superfood Bajara Flakes from SkyRoots are sun-dried and made using the Bajara or Pearl Millets, grown in the natural farming conditions. Bajara (Pearl Millet) cereal adds many valuable benefits to your healthy diet. With high nutritional value Bajara Flakes offers gluten free diet ingredient. Being an excellent source of vital nutrients Bajara Flakes provides healthy gluten free diet. Start your day with healthy millets & naturally best gluten free breakfast available in India.

INGRADIENTS : Made from 100% Naturally grown Bajara (Pearl Millets), Sun dried plain flakes, No added sugar, salt, preservatives or additives

HEALTH BENEFITS : Naturally gluten free, High Fiber & Protein rich, Zero Cholesterol, Improves digestion, Low Glycemic Index & Slow releasing carbs. Prefect for weight management

NUTRITIOUS : High Protein 9.5gm per 100gm & Fiber 10gm per 100gm. Natural antioxidant & immunity booster

EASY TO PREPARE : Make quick breakfast by adding milk with jaggery / honey & fresh fruits or nuts. Make poha. Make evening snack with bhel or buttter milk & salt. Make it a part of your smoothies

PERFECT ALL DAY MEAL : Tasty & crunchy healthy millet flakes for all age groups


100% Naturally Gluten Free, Vegan, Sugar Free & Salt Free
Rich in fibre & Protein
Grown in the natural farming conditions
Rich in energy and nutrients
Keeps hunger away and improves the digestive system
Free from chemicals and pesticides
Healthy packaged snacks
Cholesterol Free food
Helps in Weight Loss

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts for 100gm
Energy 378 kcal
Protein  9.5 g
Fat 2 g
Saturated Fat 1 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Carbohydrate 80 g
Sugar 0 g
Dietary Fibre 10 g

Shelf Life

12 months

Products are made fresh and then packaged, thereby ensuring you get max days of shelf life in your hand.
This product contains USFDA approved oxygen absorber inside for product freshness.


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