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The festive season is around the corner. Everyone is gearing up for the holidays—for companies, this means deciding on corporate gifting options. While sending and savoring traditional sweets and gift boxes is an enjoyable part of Indian festivities, over-consumption could potentially mean dealing with serious health issues. Several employers are switching to healthy corporate gifting in light of the same. Here’s why:

Healthier workforce and work environment: Healthy gifting promotes healthy living, which ultimately contributes to a stress-free environment. As a company, when you consciously pick healthy gifting options for your employees, you are nudging them towards a healthier lifestyle. Healthy gifting can promote mindful eating and prevent instances of heartburn, heart disease, diabetes, and dehydration. Moreover, from the point of view of an employer, promoting healthy eating means having a healthier workforce—energy levels are higher in individuals who eat well, and hence their concentration levels are higher too. The positives of healthy corporate gifting aren’t just cosmetic; they boost employee morale and productivity and ensure a healthier work culture.

Ensuring your colleagues coworkers and employees health:

Employees are bound to appreciate thoughtful healthy gifts instead of the usual, run-of-the-mill pack of dry fruits, sugary drinks, and fried snacks. It’s natural to want your colleagues, work friends, and employees to live a long and healthy life, and an effort to this end would be highly appreciated. It might even prompt employees to make a shift from unhealthy snacking to more wholesome treats for good. For instance, millet-based snacks are a healthy yet delicious treat that can be enjoyed guilt-free and can act as a reminder to watch one’s health without compromising on fun and festivities. Such a small shift could be potentially life-changing and may deepen the bond between you and your employees.

Better professional relations:

Healthy corporate gifting can play a significant role in promoting a healthy lifestyle by opting for healthy and sustainable gifts. Healthy corporate gifting is also a portal to healthier employer-employee relations. The festive season is an opportunity for employers to showcase how much they value their employees and their health. With the majority of interactions going virtual, a well-chosen, thoughtful gift adds a touch of reality and helps bridge the gaps in team spirit. Moreover, this could be an important tool to keep the employees connected to the organization and instill loyalty.

Economic sustainability:

Healthy corporate gifting is more economically sustainable than old-school corporate gifting. Most companies today want to stand for a greater cause than just making profits. In many instances these causes have become the brand synonym for the company, attracting good talent. A company promoting healthy eating is not only showcasing its care for the employees but in some cases for the environment as well. For eg: Millet production is eco-friendly and sustainable, so sharing millet-based healthy gift combos could promote sustainability as well as employee health. Another aspect of it is that when healthy eating becomes a part of your corporate culture, there is bound to be a reduction in the occurrence of health-related incidents amongst employees. Without health woes, a considerable portion of one’s finances is saved resulting in individual financial security.

A thoughtful yet strategic healthy gift such as reusable steel or copper bottles, plan table stationery, or millet-based breakfast flakes to colleagues or seniors could go a long way in building meaningful bonds.
Encouraging employees’ fitness goals and healthy habits:

Corporates are usually blamed for long work hours and unhealthy work culture. The conscious choice of healthy corporate gifting helps companies break this notion and show the company in a positive light. Employees, too, are becoming conscious of their mental health and starting new fitness journeys every year as long working hours could be unhealthy without exercise, and healthy corporate gifting could help them realize their goals. Healthy gifting will be well-received by all, as it encourages employees to begin a healthy journey. For instance, smart watches, gym gear, or millet-based breakfast pre-mixes such as idli and dosa mixes or A2-ghee will be well-received by most employees, irrespective of their age and gender.

The recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made healthcare and individual immunity a pressing need. At a time when most are consciously shifting to healthy eating and healthy living, a company that encourages a healthy workforce will reap long term benefits. A cultural shift in corporate gifting is a small but significant step in this direction. Make sure you check out our selection of millet-based products from our online store this festive season!