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Morning hours are the most rushed hours of the day, with everyone busy getting ready for the day ahead. Amidst the hustle and bustle, skipping breakfast can become a routine if moms do not plan ahead.

 If you are a busy mom struggling to serve a nutritious and wholesome breakfast to your family, then you have landed on the right page.

In this post, we are sharing 6 amazing healthy breakfast options that you can either prepare ahead of time or make quickly in the morning. Read on to know more.

Before moving ahead, first let’s discuss the convenience and health benefits of ready-to-cook breakfast options.

Convenience and health benefits of ready-to-cook breakfast options

Ready-to-cook breakfast options provide a perfect solution for busy mornings by offering a perfect blend of convenience and nutrition.

  • Time-Saving: These products require minimal preparation and allow you to quickly serve a nutritious breakfast even on the busiest days.
  • Nutrient-Rich: They are made with healthy ingredients like whole grains, millets and natural flavors and can be used to prepare a nutrient rich breakfast in less time.
  • Variety: They are available in various interesting varieties and you can choose anyone as per tastes and dietary preferences of your family.
  • Healthier Choices: they are often free from artificial preservatives and additives and support a healthier lifestyle.

6 quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings

 Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a lifesaver for busy mornings. This no-cook method involves combining oats with your choice of milk (dairy or non-dairy) and leaving them to soak in the fridge overnight. In morning, you can add various toppings like fresh fruits, nuts and seeds to make it interesting and your nutritious breakfast is ready to enjoy in no time.

 Yogurt Parfait

If your family does not like the taste or texture of oats, then yogurt parfait can be an excellent option for a healthy breakfast on busy mornings. To save time, you can prepare it ahead. Simply layer Greek yogurt, granola and fruits of your choice in a jar. Add toppings like nuts, seeds or honey and serve it chilled.


Smoothies are the latest craze among health and fitness enthusiasts. You can prepare various interesting versions by using different fruits and vegetables of your choice. For additional convenience, store the smoothie ingredients in zipped bags in the freezer. In the morning, just blend the contents and your delicious glass of smoothie is ready in less than 10 minutes.

 Different Toasts (Avocado Toast, Veggies Toast, Nut Butter Toast)

Toasts are another great option for serving a healthy and nutritious breakfast to your family on busy mornings. Toasts are highly versatile, and you can prepare various interesting versions by using different spreads and toppings. Avocado toast, nut butter toast and veggie toast are some of the popular and well-liked toast options to prepare during busy mornings.

Vegetable Poha or Upma

If your family prefers Indian-style breakfast, vegetable poha or upma can be a great option. You can roast Suji (semolina) and chop the vegetables ahead of time. This preparation allows you to cook a nutritious vegetable upma quickly in the morning.

Skyroot’s Ready Mixes and Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Options

Skyroots understands the struggle of preparing healthy breakfasts in the morning for moms. Thus, we have launched many interesting ready mixes and ready-to-eat breakfast options to help you prepare a healthy breakfast on busy mornings.

Ready Mixes
  • Multi Millet Dosa Mix: A nutritious and easy-to-make dosa mix that combines the goodness of multiple millets. Just mix multi millet dosa mix with curd, ferment for 30 minutes and then make crispy dosas.
  • Jowar Idli Mixes: A gluten-free idli mix made from nutritious jowar (sorghum). With this mix, you can enjoy soft and healthy idlis with minimal effort.
  • Ragi Idli Mixes: Made from ragi (finger millet), this idli mix is rich in calcium and iron and provides a healthy start to your day.
Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Options


In conclusion, with a bit of planning and these quick breakfast hacks, you can ensure your family starts their day with a nutritious and wholesome meal. Visit our  website to buy our ready mixes and make your mornings easier.