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This pandemic has taught us to be more health-conscious and work on our bodies. The first step towards it is to make mindful and healthy food choices. Earlier the festival celebrations, festival food, and gifts were loaded with sugar but post-pandemic people have started enjoying healthy food and even choose healthy food gifting options.

We often overload our bodies with too much sugar and refined food in the name of festival snacks. Sweet packets, chocolates, and traditional sweets loaded with ghee, sugar, and oils have a bad impact on health. This food is typically processed food, laden with refined sugar, and is overall unhealthy.

How do unhealthy eating habits affect us?

These days, our way of living and eating habits have caused lifestyle disorders and diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, PCOD, hormonal issues, premature greying, early aging, fatty liver, and early-age heart attack. All these results from our wrong eating habits and overloading our bodies with sugar, oil, junk, and processed food.

Along with these lifestyle issues, your dental health too suffers in the long run. Early teeth decay due to sugar, chocolate, and sweets is common these days. Gluten allergies, and other food allergies, are also common, which are again a result of lifestyle and eating changes. The greater the unhealthy food consumption, the weaker your immunity, and the lower immunity results in a higher risk of illnesses. Making smart healthy choices is important.

Do you know too much sugar can cause migraine, insulin issues, pimples, tooth decay, acidity, heartburn, and much more?

 Celebrate festivals with a gift of health

Healthy food gifting has been trending these days. Festivities are never complete without a variety of food gifting, hence making it healthy is a great way to protect your family’s health. Finding healthy food gifting options has become easy, as it is readily available online. There are dedicated portals that offer healthy food combos, which can be ideal for gifting.

If you are struggling with ideas to identify the right healthy food gifting combo for your friends and family, we have curated a list that might help.

 Let’s see what can be healthy food gifting options that are easily available:

  • Healthy combo of organic ghee, jaggery, and nuts – As these are cooking ingredients, the family can use them year long
  • Dry fruits, nuts, antioxidant berries, and seeds – A perfect combo that can be used for snacking. This healthy food gift has a longer shelf life as there is minimum processing involved
  • Flavored dry fruits – A great tea-time snacking option that is loved by all
  • Trial mix – Perfect for friends and family interested in sports like cycling, hiking, or trekking
  • Muesli and baked granola breakfast mix – For those who love quick and healthy breakfast
  • Roasted nuts, chana, and seeds in various flavors like pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate bar – Dark chocolate is good for health and is a great antioxidant
  • Millet bars with nuts and seeds and fruit flavor – A perfect way to introduce healthy eating to young kids

Other interesting options could be

  • Cold-presseded fruit juices
  • Baked chips, beetroot, kale, sweet potato flavored
  • Flavored makhana like pepper, tomato, mint, etc
  • Health drinks
  • Green tea and various flavors in it
  • Premixes for healthy breakfast, millet idli, upma, poha
  • Healthy millet snacks like crackers, millet Bars
  • Peanut butter sugar-free gluten-free millet cookies
  • Dark chocolate protein/millet bars /energy bars
  • Flavored yogurt
  • Healthy cooking oil hampers
  • Mix millet chivda
  • Dates bite with peanut butter and roasted nuts filling
  • Nuts and seeds chikki dipped in dark chocolate

These are some easily available healthy food gifting options. Healthy eating is good for your body, heart, and digestion. It lifts your mood, is good for hormones, and is good for the gut and stomach. The more clean and unprocessed you eat, the less pressure you put on your digestion. It is important to make healthy eating a habit and a lifestyle.

Opting for sugar-free, gluten-free, millet-based, no maida food is important to preserve and improve our health. Eating healthy, clean, and unprocessed food is necessary for a disease-free healthy life.

Together we can make healthy choices, live a healthy life and gift our loved ones a healthy life too. Henceforth, give the gift of health to your loved one rather than gifting sugar-laden processed food and sweets.