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What came to your mind when you read healthy gifting ideas for Employees?

 A dry-fruit box or fresh fruits?

Healthy gifting for employees has morphed into much more than that. Gone are the days when businesses picked a mix of dry fruit combos and shipped it to their employees. The businesses are getting creative and sharing a host of gifts that their employees need and like.

 Let us look at some of them today.

 Why healthy corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is not a new concept; however, the kind of gifts and the occasions for which a gift is given both have undergone a sea change.  Earlier a gift from a company was limited to a festival or to celebrate a landmark achieved by an employee.

Today, companies consider corporate gifting as an extension of employee engagement, employee experience and brand communication. With so much riding on a corporate gift, the businesses are mindful of the kind of gifts that they curate for their employees. Hence healthy gifting or gifts promoting health have come into the limelight.

Few Occasions when Businesses opt for Healthy gifting

Employee health and mental-wellbeing came into focus during the pandemic. The companies realized that the employees are looking for support and suggestions rather than gadgets and vouchers for coping through the pandemic.

A healthy work environment makes employees more productive. Showing care and compassion for your employee will strengthen the personal connection and keep the workplace more lively, energetic, and positive. A healthy gifting option is usually chosen for

  1. Employee Onboarding
  2. Employee achievement
  3. Festivals
  4. Work Anniversary
  5. New Parents

As these are major milestones or important life events in an employee’s life, celebrating them with healthy gifts adds a personal touch and is considered thoughtful. This builds brand esteem among employees in the long run.

How to Choose a Healthy Gift?

The gift should be thoughtful, memorable and useful. With the rise in lifestyle diseases and stress it is always better to opt for a healthy gifting option. While choosing a food based healthy gifting option it is important to focus on the nutritional value that the product will provide. Vouchers for regular medical checks and nutrition lectures for employees are a good way to instill healthy eating and healthy living habits in employees. Similarly if gifting healthy lifestyle gadgets like smart watches, fitness equipment etc. check if they are easy to use.

We have collated a handy list of healthy food based gifting options for the employees.

Nut and seeds: Powerhouse of nutrition, loaded with Vitamin and Mineral. Nuts and seeds are a good source of healthy fats, fiber, and protein and are loaded with antioxidants. Best for munching between meals or during late-night work.

Energy bars and millets bar:

Best on the go snack or breakfast option. The ingredients are healthy, filling, and highly nutritious. It is the best option for an evening snack too when we often gravitate towards junk food and pile on weight. Most employees today have a desk job and hence such energy bars are a perfect option for them.

Energy drink / Green tea:

Best replacement for sugar-laden tea and coffee. Instead of a coffee vending machine, a pack of green tea will add more value to your employee health. It is the best replacement you can give to your employee.

Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate is heart-friendly, packed with antioxidants and is a perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts. It improves blood flow and is best for leveling your HDL and LDL. Share bars of dark chocolate or dark chocolate based bars for the festive occasions.

Healthy Breakfast mixes

Mornings are a rush for any employee. As a company when you share healthy breakfast premixes, you are helping them relieve stress, eat healthy and plan better. We are sure every employee will love this gift.

A few other ideas to consider –

  • Dark chocolate millet bar combo’s
  • Healthy pancake premix combo’s,
  • Healthy baking premixes
  • Dates bite
  • Nuts and seeds chikki,
  • Honey+ sesame coated nuts,
  • Dark chocolate, coconut nuts bar,
  • Honey chili cashews,
  • Salted and spiced nuts

Apart from these, stress relieving and self-care gifting options too work well for employees. Gifts like a spa hamper, self-care kit, soothing chamomile tea, scented candles, journaling dairy, salon hampers etc. too are well appreciated. These gifts could help employees relieve stress, get sound sleep and be more productive at the workplace.

The options of healthy gifting are endless. Keep your employees healthy, fit, and happy for a happy and healthy workplace.