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Indian food is incomplete without ghee. Ghee is the key ingredient in all the traditional Indian recipes. It’s one of the good fat and healthiest dairy products which is easily available in Indian kitchen. Earlier there were only two types of ghee: buffalo ghee and cow ghee, but recently A2 cow’s ghee has been spoken about a lot. Ghee is pure fats, and it also contains a small amount of protein. There are two types of proteins found in milk; Casein and Whey.

Difference between A1 and A2 Ghee

While this is scientific, it will help explain the difference in a molecular term. The difference between A1 and A2 is a difference of 67th amino acid chain, A2 has proline amino acid, and A1 has histidine. A very basic difference is A 1 ghee comes from A1 milk and A2 ghee cow comes from A2 milk. Both the milk contain beta-casein, but A2 is superior. Native cows like Sahiwal and Gir etc have beta-casein protein A2.

A1 milk protein is not easily digestible as compared to A2 milk protein, therefore A2 milk has more health benefits than A1. The texture of A1 ghee and A2 ghee is also different. As compared to A1 ghee, A2 is more grainy. A2 ghee is made with the traditional bilona method. A2 ghee is preferred as it has higher nutritive value and benefits as compared to the A1 counterpart. The melting point of A2 ghee is high, which makes it the best cooking option for Indian food, and its smoking point is 450 F which is much higher than regular vegetable oil and butter. A2 Ghee is made using A2 milk of Indian native grass-fed cows, making it more nutritious and healthy, as compared to hormonal injected and adulterated milk that is rampant today.

A 2 ghee and its benefits :

• A2 ghee has more protein, iron, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, D+, E, K& Omega 3 & 9 fatty acids as compared to other locally available ghee.

• Slows down the aging process

• Give you good skin and hair

• Help in speedy recovery after injury

• It prevents diseases

• A2 ghee is an essential nutrient that helps in healthy liver, balancing hormones, and easy digestion.

• A home remedy for headaches. You can apply a thin layer of ghee on your eyes and forehead when you have a headache.

• Good for bone and joints

• Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

• It helps you in treating gastric issues

• Lowers bad cholesterol

• Good for boosting your immunity

• It is a gut biome booster

• Helps you to calm your anxiety if you have PCOD, hyperthyroid, Pms

• Prevents osteoporosis in menopause

• Good for eye health

• Helps you in increasing your metabolism, helping you in lose weight

• Helps in reducing throat infection and throat pain,

• Adding a spoon of A2 ghee to turmeric milk before sleeping helps fight insomnia and builds immunity too. Rich in vitamin B2, B12 , B6

• Lubricate body tissues

• Studies also show that people with lactose intolerance can have A2, as it has very little lactose

• Helps to reduce inflammation.

• It’s excellent for pregnant women and growing kids.

• Good for constipation

• Good for digestion and gut microbe

• It has antioxidant properties

• Rich source of linoleic acid and has medical properties

• It’s hand-churned, making it more nutrition-dense

Aren’t these benefit enough for you to make A2 ghee a part of your meal and isn’t it the best substitute for cooking?

Let’s see how to incorporate A2 ghee in regular meals,

• Use it in your tadka

• Put a spoon full of A2 ghee in your dal rice, khichdi

• Apply it to your roti /paratha

• Make your upma or porridge using A2 cow’s ghee,

• Use it in your bullet coffee and have it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, to accelerate your metabolism which helps you to lose weight.

• Add it on rajma rice, chole rice

• Make seera or halwa using A2 ghee

• Make ladoo and all delicious traditional sweets using A2 ghee.

Ghee is rightly known as a healing food. For all those who are worried about weight gain with ghee, these benefits would help you debunk your myth and enjoy A2 ghee in moderation and get all health benefits of it while enjoying it guilt-free. Studies show A2 ghee if had on an empty stomach aids cell rejuvenation. Make sure you consume in moderation, as anything in access is harmful.