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Millets are food for the future. They are nutritious, gluten-free grains that offer many amazing health benefits. Millets have low GI and they are ideal for diabetes. Being high in fiber, they help in the weight loss process. 

Millets are a powerhouse of nutrition. If you are looking to enhance the nutritional quotient of your routine diet by including more whole grains, then millets are the perfect choice to get started. 

They are incredibly versatile in nature and are fast emerging as a top superfood in the food and nutrition industry. You can create plenty of recipes with millets ranging from comforting food like porridge to sweets like Kheer and Ladoo. 

Interestingly, various Indian regional cuisines offer a variety of millet-based recipe options to include millet in your diet. From south Indian millet dosa to jhangora (Barnyard millet) khichadi from Uttarakhand, there are several options to choose from.

With this post, we are paying an ode to the culinary variation of our country that can turn simple millets into lip-smacking food delights. 

Here are some interesting millets-based recipes from different regions or states of India.

Millet-based recipes from south India (millet idli, millet Dosa, millet Pongal etc.)

South Indian cuisine is one of the most popular regional cuisines of India that offers many interesting millet-based recipes. Some millet dosa recipes like foxtail millet dosa are purely millet based and very popular as well.

Foxtail millet and little millet dosa, ragi idli and foxtail millet Pongal ( Thinai pongal) are some of the most popular millet-based recipes from south India to relish. If you are looking for a sweet option, then you can try the little millet or finger millet payasam or ragi laddu recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings with healthier options.

Millet-based Gujarati recipes 

Bajra rotlo (thick Pearl millet flatbread) and bajre ki khichdi are the two most popular millet-based recipes from Gujarat. These recipes taste delicious and are often consumed during the winter season. 

Apart from these popular recipes, you can make various traditional Gujarati recipes by using millets as the main ingredient. This version is a healthier option than traditional recipes. Ragi Muthiya, Millet Dhokla and Millet Handvo are some of the interesting millet-based Gujarati recipes that offer enhanced nutritional value without compromising on taste. 

Rajasthani millet-based recipes

Bajre ki Raab is one of the most popular Rajasthani millet-based recipes. This Raab is a staple drink in Rajasthani families. It is believed that Raab boosts immunity and offers many other health benefits too. Apart from this, Bajre ka sogra (pearl millet flatbread) is another popular millet-based recipe from Rajasthan. This sogra is served with kadhi and spicy chili pickle and tastes totally awesome. 

Maharashtrian millet-based recipes

Maharashtrian cuisine is never complete without Pitla (gram flour-based curry) and bajre ki roti, especially during winter. Adding to the list, millet thalipeeth , Jowar or Nachani Bhakri and millet vada are other exciting millet-based Maharashtrian recipes. Varai or Kutki is another popular millet that is used as a substitute to rice or its flour is used to make various delicacies during fasting months. Similarly amaranth or its flour is used in making rotis, vada’s, thalipeeth and more.

Millet-based recipes from Odisha

When we are talking about millet-based recipes from different states of India, how can we forget to mention millet recipes from the Odia cuisine? The grand success of the Odisha millet mission shows that this state is truly passionate about spreading millet awareness. 

The tribal region of Odisha (Koraput) is well known for various traditional millet recipes. Ragi, Mandia or finger millet is the most popular ingredient here and they make many interesting recipes like Mandia roti, Mandia Tampa and Mandia kandul raav etc. 

Millets-based recipes from Uttarakhand

Millets are quite popular in the Pahadi regions (Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh) of India. You can find many interesting millet-based pahadi recipes from this region. Barnyard millet is the most popular variety of millets in this region. It is called Jhangora in the local language. People make various sweet and savory dishes by using it. Jhangora kheer, Chanchandu (Barnyard millet khichdi) and Jhangora palayo are some of the popular barnyard millet recipes from Uttarakhand. 


Traditionally different states of India had included millets in their diet and it was definitely a source of inspiration with so many different dishes being made across India. Each of these regional recipes have their distinct taste and flavor. Try to take a regional millet recipe tasting challenge this year and be amazed with the variety that India has to offer.

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