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Many traditional ingredients can strengthen the immune system, especially desi ghee. This golden potion that has long been a part of every desi kitchen, has many health benefits. However, studies show that Sahiwal A2 ghee is far more beneficial to your health than regular ghee. If you’re wondering what makes it so special, stay tuned! This blog will address all there is to know about Sahiwal A2 ghee!

What is Sahiwal A2 Cow Ghee Premium?

A2 Ghee is derived using the milk of Zebu cow breeds, in this case, the Sahiwal breed. These cows are non-GMO or factory-farmed; they are reared with utmost care and fed high nutrition grass, so the milk they produce is thicker and more nutritious.

While cow milk has A1 and A2 beta-casein protein, ongoing studies believe that the A2 protein has more health benefits than A1. Since Sahiwal cow’s milk is rich in A2 protein, it makes the perfect match to add to your winter diet.

What is the Difference between Regular Ghee and Sahiwal Cow A2 Ghee Premium?

Since Sahiwal Cows are not genetically modified, their milk is thicker and more nutritious. Sahiwal cow ghee carries superior nutritional value as compared to regular ghee, apart from a few differences in the aroma and taste. It is thicker in texture, giving it a richer consistency. Sahiwal Cow ghee has a distinct aroma, taste, and texture that cannot be replicated by regular ghee.

The ghee derived from A2 Sahiwal cow milk also tastes far superior, owing to the level of protein in it. Thirty percent of the protein content in A2 cow’s ghee consists of beta-casein, and studies have shown that A2 cow ghee has more of it.

While regular ghee uses GMO cows and manufactures ghee in automated factories, A2 cow ghee undergoes the traditional method. The process of Bilona has been perfected over centuries, where the Sahiwal cow’s milk is boiled and cooled. Next, a little curd is mixed with this milk and stored overnight at room temperature. The A2 curd formed is churned to derive butter, which is then slow-simmered for hours to extract perfectly golden and thick ghee.

What Makes Sahiwal Cow A2 Ghee Premium Healthier?

A2 Ghee is rich in amino acids and has far superior immunity-building properties than any other type of ghee available on the shelf. Moreover, it is the best option if you’re looking for high protein premium ghee.

Sahiwal A2 cow premium ghee has more excellent nutritional value than regular ghee. Grainy in texture, Sahiwal A2 ghee is made by simmering butter on a slow flame for hours. This process ensures that the ghee retains its nutrients which could otherwise be lost due to excessive heat from factory-made regular ghee.

You’ll find a more significant proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids in A2 cow ghee. Apart from these, one of the most notable features of why Sahiwal A2 ghee is healthier is the lack of preservatives and additives. 

Advantages of Using Sahiwal Cow A2 Ghee in the winter

Optimal digestion

A2 Ghee consists of Butyric Acid, a short-chain fatty acid found in the human gut. Consuming Sahiwal A2 cow ghee in the recommended quantity per meal can help you promote better digestion and improve gut health while evading the probability of colon cancer.

Promotes better heart health

Vitamin K2 found in A2 ghee prevents blockages in the arteries, promoting better blood flow. This type of ghee is also rich in CLA and helps to lower harmful cholesterol levels while promoting good cholesterol.

Good for skin health

Sahiwal A2 cow ghee is rich in vitamin A, E, and D in the perfect proportion. These essential vitamins and antioxidants are necessary for the skin to maintain collagen levels and elasticity. Consuming a spoonful or two of this ghee will help you brighten your skin and keep dryness at bay.

Lubricates your joints

A2 Ghee is the elixir you must include in your diet if you experience joint pain or have arthritis. It soothes inflammation, lubricates the joints, and reduces any stiffness due to arthritis. Vitamin A-rich A2 Ghee is a vital ingredient for the bone development of your growing child as well.

Keeps cold and viral flu at bay

Since A2 ghee is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, your body stays protected from the risks of catching illnesses due to weather changes in the winter. Thanks to this magical potion, your body maintains a warmer core temperature, which helps beat the winter chill and keep the shield of immunity elevated.

Wrapping Up

With the recent spread of multiple variants, it is clear that the pandemic is nowhere near over. From the seasonal common cold and flu to the novel Coronavirus, November to February has every family extra cautious. Make sure to add a dollop of Sahiwal cow A2 ghee in your meals to ensure that your loved ones stay healthy.