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Who doesn’t like gifts?

Gifting is a silent way of sharing the love and care for your loved one. Today, most people prefer giving meaningful gifts to their near and dear ones and the most meaningful gift is that of health. Healthy gifting suggests the kind of life you want your loved ones to live. Who doesn’t want their near and dear one to be healthy, happy and fit?

Generally, when it comes to gifting, we often go to the store or on an online gifting portal and search for food gifting options, and boom… the longlist of unhealthy food appears. Food gifting items like butter cookies, jellies, chocolates, biscuits, and cakes are most commonly available however none of these are healthy. Do we ever stop and think how we are encouraging unhealthy eating by gifting such foods?

Long-term consumption of such products is harmful to the health. High cholesterol, diabetes, pcod are commonly seen in people these days and these lifestyle health disorders occur due to wrong eating habits. The first step towards improving our health is eating right. We can do that only when we make healthy eating and healthy gifting a way of life. If each one of us pledges to eat healthy and promotes healthy eating by way of gifting, then we can lay the foundation of a strong India.

Together we can change our and our near ones eating habits by making the right food choices and by gifting healthy foods. If we love and care for them, we should opt for healthy gifting options. Processed food makes you lethargic and leads to increased weight and unwanted belly fats while healthy food keeps you energetic and active. There are tons of healthy gifting ideas if you are looking for one, and these days there are many brands that serve only healthy goodies premix, cookies, and food items.

To make our love more healthy and fit, here are the top 5 healthy gifting ideas you should try for 2022. In the post pandemic era, as people are more health-conscious and being healthy is a priority, they will highly appreciate your thoughtful gifts.

Top 5 healthy gifting ideas for 2022 you must not miss :

Healthy nuts and seeds mix – This is a simple gifting combo that you can create at home as well. In a nice gifting bag or basket place 200gms of nuts and seeds. You can use nuts like cashews, badam, pista, walnuts etc. Similarly for seeds you can use sunflower, melon and chia seeds. This easy to make basket is also long lasting.

Breakfast mixes like pancake mix – Healthy pancake mixes are now available in stores. Made from millets or wheat these are a good option for healthy gifting, especially to homes with kids. The families can spend their Sunday making healthy breakfast.

Granola or Millet bars – Granola bars are a healthy and handy variation for nourishment on the go. You can make these at home or you can buy granola bars that are available in the stores. Just as granola bars, there are millet bars which are available in stores today.

Bakery premixes like healthy millets cakes, cookies, or muffins

These are a perfect gift for homes with kids. Children love cakes and cookies and instead of buying some unhealthy variation it is always good to make it at home with healthy ingredients. Healthy gifting premixes could be made of millets, wheat or even dal!

  1. Gluten-free snacks and munches

Tea-time snacks and munchies are something that everyone loves, but it is also probably one of the unhealthiest snacking that we indulge in. Switch from samosas, chats and dabelis to flavored makhana, tasty and chatpata chana, millet chips and more. Healthy food gifts like these will make tea time snacking healthy and tasty.

These are some unique, healthy gifting ideas that can be given across occasions. Be it birthday or anniversary, be it to an employee or for your boss, nothing beats unique, healthy gifting combos.

Before buying a healthy gift for your special one, make sure you take care of these points:

  • The first 5 ingredients should be easy to read. It shouldn’t have unhealthy ingredients like palm oil, vegetable oil, sugar, etc.
  • It should not have more ingredients lesser the better
  • No added sugar or preservatives

Generally, when you think of gifting it’s either sugar-laden sweets or chocolates. Replace these not-so-healthy food with some healthy food items and help your loved one choose a healthy lifestyle.