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There is love in the air, isn’t it?

It is Valentine’s Day and February is all about gifts, pampering, and love. Typical Valentine’s gifts include chocolates, cakes, clothes, roses, etc. But after the pandemic, there is a greater focus on improving health and immunity in our lives. We have made major changes to our lifestyle and gifting is no exception. Healthy gifting is the mantra today.

We know that chocolates and cakes aren’t good for health, but what makes them such an unhealthy option, and are there any true alternatives to them? 

Come, let’s find some answers…

Is Chocolate Good or Bad? 

We have all heard that chocolate makes everything better. But did you know that regular chocolates available in the markets are either loaded with sugar or addictive? Too much sugar can cause migraine, insulin issues, pimples, teeth pain, acidity, heartburn, and much more. The unhealthy ingredients in our regular chocolates aren’t good for your immunity as well. Rather buy your sweetheart a healthy chocolate bar which is a better replacement for regular sugar-laden chocolates.

Dark Chocolate: The healthy delicacy

Dark Chocolate is a great alternative to regular chocolates, as it is loaded with nutrients and is the best source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is proven to improve heart health, curb your craving for chocolates, and is nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals. The fatty acid profile of dark chocolate is good. The fats consist mostly of oleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid. However, everything in moderation is key to good health.

So instead of following the usual path of chocolates and cakes, are you up for some unique and healthy gifting ideas for this Valentine’s day? 

Other Healthy Gifting Alternatives 

This Valentine’s Day gifting has taken a healthy turn, like many opting to gift a fitness band, instead of a wristwatch, spa therapy coupons instead of clothes, and even subscriptions to health apps instead of fancy dinners. Traditional sweets too are being replaced with healthy treats like dates bite, fig bites.

If you are someone who wishes to gift some eatables or want to supplement your gift with some sweet and healthy treats, check out these alternatives.

Healthy and Delicious alternatives for valentine’s day gifting:

A dark chocolate millet bar, 

A healthy chocolate pancake premix, 

Healthy munchies hamper like roasted chana, nuts, seeds mix,

Nutritious millets or mix grain chivda, 

Dark chocolate muesli with berries,

Mix berries dark chocolate millet bar,

Dates bite with peanut butter and roasted nuts filling,

Nuts and seeds chikki dipped in dark chocolate,

These are some healthy gifting options for your valentine, be it your partner, your fiancée, your parents, or your child. The gift of health is the best gift you can ever give to your loved one. For those who wish to add a personal touch, here is a health bar recipe that your fitness lover valentine will enjoy. 

A handmade – healthy gift for your valentine: 

Health Bar :

Ingredients : 

Murmura / Puffed rice 

Crushed Roasted Peanuts 


Organic Ghee

Nuts and seeds 

Dark chocolate melted

Cute pink and red heart-shaped dark chocolate for garnish 

Butter paper for wrapping 


Melt little organic ghee and jaggery together till jaggery is cooked golden brown.

Once the jaggery is cooked add murmura/ puffed rice and crushed roasted peanuts, you can also add roasted makhana or sesame seeds, or shredded coconut and all nuts and seeds.

Mix well and spread on the greased plate and let it cool then cut it with a knife in the shape of bar or squares.

Once the bar is cooled, dip it in melted dark chocolate, you can dip it half or full, and decorate it with heart-shaped dark chocolate. Let it sit and dry completed.

Once cooled wrap butter paper and decorate it with a red bow, a handwritten note and gift it to your valentine.

What’s more romantic than giving someone you care about something healthy and delicious, something that they will truly enjoy. We hope you got some fantastic ideas for making your Valentine’s Day special. We will continue to bring more such healthy recipes and healthy eating tips for you, so stay tuned.