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Following a gluten-free diet seems to be very hard with stringent rules and a long list of ‘foods to avoid’.

Well, many people are wrong. The list goes up when you seriously think about adopting a gluten-free diet and start removing some products.

Jowar and Bajra are the ancient grains (millets) and preferred by millions of Indians to date.
India is a country with rich culinary art and ancient diet practices were all focused on healthy and fit living. Indian food is incomplete without these millets.

But, due to the craze and trend of following western food culture, we are almost ignoring these tasty, healthy and affordable grains. Why a country with such an awesome diet culture would toss out these useful and meaningful grains from a regular diet?

Products made with jowar or bajra flakes could be your perfect start to a gluten-free diet and they could be your favourite in no time, here’s why…

Bajra or Pearl Millet is used in many recipes like porridge, roti, flakes, poha, khichdi, appe, and many more.

You can find a healthy and wholesome recipe of bajra flakes with milk and jaggery here.

Well, here are some more daily favourite recipes replaced with Jowar and Bajra millets.

1. Breakfast delicacies

The flakes made with bajra or jowar millets are a healthy option for a breakfast. You can easily replace your regular corn flakes with these flakes or millet cereal easily available on our platform, Check out the range of gluten free snacks here.
Breakfast is the most important meal to make you survive the daily struggle. With Bajra and Jowar food items, you can easily lead the day with energy and a happy tummy.

2. Khichdi

Replace your regular rice with jowar or bajra and prepare a wholesome khichdi which will fill your tummy as well as mind. Better than rice, jowar or bajra will help you control your sugar levels and apparently weight.
Soak the jowar or bajra millet overnight and soften the grain which will make your cooking easy and faster. Prepare your khichdi like your normal one and make your tummy happy.

3. Snacks

Craving for some snack while having your coffee or tea? Replace those ‘maidawala’ biscuits and deep-fried samosas with healthy munchies made with jowar and bajra. Well, wondering how these millets could save you some calories?
The nutty texture of millets would give an awesome curve to your regular snacks. Khakras with the flavour of jeera and methi would make your guests happy. The perfectly crisp and healthy snacks made with millets like Jowar, Bajra or Nachni will be a perfect finger-licking and delectable snack for your tea time.

4. Rotis

You can prepare these Rotis with regular method but with jowar or bajra flour for a change. In Maharashtra, a western-central state in India, Bhakri is the famous roti made with these two millets and consumed on a larger scale till date. The rotis made with jowar and bajra flour are easy to digest and filling. These rotis taste good with curries and subjis made with regional veggies and fruits.

So, with bajra and jowar, you can replace your regular favourite foods with a gluten-free diet.

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