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Tea time munching is kind of a tradition in India. We all love a little something with our hot chai’s or steaming cup of coffee, but the typical choices for these munchies are unhealthy. 

When we eat those mouth-watering, chips, samosa, vada pav, chivda, and namkeens we are in some way damaging our body by loading them with excess oil, salt, preservatives, and processed food. 

Who said tea time snacks need to be unhealthy? 

Making a healthy choice for snacking is important not only for a healthy body but also for an active mind. Why load the body with unhealthy food, when healthier options are more delicious. The taste and the flavor of the food you eat depend totally on the way you make them and the combination in which you have them.

One of the most commonly available and the most healthy snack options that anyone can have is roasted chana. A fist full of roasted chana with garam chai or coffee makes it a healthy snacking option. Roasted chana is available in every Indian kitchen. It is inexpensive, and a pocket-friendly substitute for snacking as compared to store brought popcorn or chips. It is tasty, healthy, and filling too.

Roasted Chana is a great option for multiple reasons. It is readily available, liked by everyone from kids to adults, and is very easy to carry, for snacking on the go.

It is the best snacking partner for people with lifestyle diseases, fitness enthusiasts, and those looking to lose weight. 

Let’s see why is roasted chana the best snacking partner ; 

● It’s good for controlling blood sugar levels hence the best snack for people with diabetes.

● Helps lower cholesterol so best snacking option for a person with high cholesterol level 

● Good for bone and the combination of jaggery and roasted chana is best for bone strength.

● A very good snacking option for kids above 1.5 + years, if roasted chana is given with jaggery. 

● Good for immunity 

● Best snacking option for weight watchers 

● Helps to reduce inflammation

● High in fiber if you have it with the outer layer

● Has a good amount of protein so keeps you full for a longer time 

● Much lower in calories than other snacks.

Isn’t it a perfect snacking partner?

How do you make regular roasted chana tastier and nutrients dense?

Roasted chana chaat:

Ingredients : 

Roasted chana: 1 ½ cup 

Onion finely chopped: 4-5 spoons 

Tomatoes chopped: 4 -5 spoons 

Cucumber chopped: 4-5 spoons 

Capsicum chopped: 4-5 spoons

Lemon juice 2-3 spoons

Turmeric powder: A pinch 

Pepper powder: A pinch

Chaat masala: A pinch

Raw mango powder: A pinch

A sprinkling of salt and sugar 

Method : 

Mix all the ingredients with roasted chana and veggies well. Add a dash of lemon juice, pepper, chaat masala, and raw mango powder and serve. You can garnish with some sev and pomegranate. For those who love it spicy, add some green chili. You can also add green chutney, and garlic chutney to it. To add more crunch add some roasted peanut and papdi to the roasted chana chaat and garnish with coriander leaves…

This is how you can make your regular roasted chana more delicious. You can also make roasted chana tastier by adding flavors like mint powder, tomato powder, salts, turmeric, pepper to enhance the taste. Mix and match and try new combinations. Now you have so many options for your snack time.

Another option is to buy SkyRoots range of Roasted Chana’s for a readily available, quick, and healthy snack range.

Next time you crave chaat or a tangy or savory snack you can make this delicious nutritious roasted chana chaat and enjoy a guilt-free chaat party.

dietitian Foram K Modi’s :

“Snack on roasted chana, for your 4 pm hunger or chai time snack or mid-night snacking; as roasted chana is much lower in calories than other snacks, easy to carry, and keeps you full for a long time so you avoid binging. It’s good for the gut and promotes gut health. Roasted chana is the best pre and post-workout snack too. I also recommend roasted chana to my weight loss clients and ask them to incorporate it in their chaat and salads to add the crunch. ”   

Roasted Chana is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and dietitians alike. Choose health and make mindful decisions around snacking to avoid any long-term health problems. To know more about such healthy snacking ideas continue to follow our blog. Signing off till next time.