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We are busy people. Our routine life is often occupied with multiple personal and professional obligations. The hectic routine often leads to frantic stress and as a result, we tend to look for ready to cook alternatives.   

As per a recent Femina India survey report, 85% of millennial working women do not cook at home and find it hard to take out time for preparing homemade meals for their families. 

Nuclear families and lack of efficient cooking skills are other factors that demand convenient and easy-to-cook food options. 

Nowadays, modern consumers are looking for options that take less time to cook and require less or minimum effort. However, it does not mean that they are ready to compromise on the nutrition quotient. They want quick yet healthy homemade meals that suit their busy lifestyle and fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements too. 

Considering this aspect, ready-to-cook millets seem like a great option to prepare quick and healthy meals at home. With ready-to-cook millet options, you can easily add different types of millets to your routine diet and can get all the amazing benefits it offers for our health. 

Of course, ready-to-cook millets are a nutritious and convenient option, however, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while buying ready-to-cook millets.

What are ready-to-cook millets?

As the name suggests, ready-to-cook millets are those products which contain all essential ingredients for making a particular recipe in a single package. You must follow the mentioned cooking instructions to make a good recipe from a ready to cook package.

You can get various options like ready-to-cook millet Pongal mix, ready-to-cook millet dosa, ready-to-cook millet khichdi in this category. Modern consumers are loving these options and are excited to include these in their day-to-day meals for boosting nutrition quotients of their diet.

What are the benefits of ready-to-cook millets?

They are a good option to save time 

If time scarcity is your day-to-day issue, then ready-to-cook millets are the best option for you. By using them, you can prepare healthy homemade meals in less time. Moreover, they are convenient to use and reduce your everyday cooking stress too. 

They are easily available and there are so many options to choose from

Ready-to-cook millets are easily available (both online as well as in physical stores). There are so many options to choose from. You can choose different millet recipe options as per your family preference and can make different tasty millet recipes with less hassle. 

Ready-to-cook millets are a great option if you don’t have extensive cooking skills

Of course, traditional and authentic millet recipes are highly beneficial and offer great health benefits, but making them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here, ready-to-cook millets come in handy. By using them, you can make many delicious and even traditional millet recipes without possessing extensive cooking skills. 

What can be the downside of using ready-to-cook millets?

Though ready-to-cook millets are a convenient and easier option, it is important to follow certain precautions while buying them.  Some brands may use adulterated ingredients (like the use of wheat or rice) to reduce prices and gain more profit. While some may use preservatives or additives to increase the shelf life of the product. As an informed consumer, it is your responsibility to be aware of these factors and buy the right products for you and your family.

What are the things you need to keep in mind while buying ready-to-eat millets?

Read the labels for checking the ingredients

First and most importantly check the ingredients list carefully. Make sure the brand has used high-quality and pure ingredients. 

Check the use of preservatives and additives 

Check the label and make sure that they did not use any harmful preservatives to increase the shelf life of products. 

To be on the safer side, you can also select a brand that opts for organic and naturally harvested ingredients in their products. 

Read online reviews and ask friends, neighbors etc. 

 Read online reviews and perform extensive research to make sure that the brand has followed essential guidelines and that they are serving good quality ready-to-cook millets to their customers. 

Word of caution 

While using ready-to-cook millets, it is important to follow all listed cooking instructions. This not only enhances the taste but also helps cook millets well. 


In conclusion, ready-to-cook millets are a great way to include millets in your diet. They are convenient and nutritious. However, it is equally important to follow your due diligence and buy ready-to-cook millets only from genuine and trustworthy brands. 

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