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Since the declaration of 2023 as an “International Year of Millets”, millets have become a buzzword in the food and nutrition industry. Like quinoa and amaranth, millets are also gaining immense popularity worldwide expeditiously.  

Have a look at this recent news about millets

  • India’s leading conglomerate ITC have launched their first millet cookies as a part of sunfeast farmlite.
  • Uttar Pradesh state’s mid-day school meal will include Bajra chapati and khichdi at least once a week to provide better nutrition to their students.
  • Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has conducted a live cooking event on millets recently. He has shared millet kheer and many other interesting millet recipes to give some creative ideas to people for including millets in their diet.

These are only a few examples from a long promising list that show how millets are making a powerful comeback.

From food brands to chefs to nutritionists, all are working together to promote millet recipes and millet benefits among people. 

These cumulative efforts are showing incredible results and we can say it confidently that, this ancient grain is reaching new heights every day and taking the modern food industry by storm.  

Millets history

Millets are ancient grains. We can find the mention of millets in Vedas. They were cultivated in Asia around 4000 years ago and are one of the popular grains among the masses.

 Things changed for millets, after the green revolution. The green revolution dropped millet production drastically and affected their popularity negatively. 

Though this was a major setback for millets, it was not the ending of millet journey. In upcoming years, Increased incidence of lifestyle diseases compelled people to work again on their dietary habits and they focused on including whole grains like millets in their diet. 

Factors that made millets immensely popular in the modern food industry?

Changed behavior of modern consumers

Gone are the days, when people used to follow only traditional food choices for day-to-day meals. With changing times, there is raised awareness among people about their food choices and other lifestyle habits. Today’s consumer is a well-informed consumer who wants to check various parameters like nutritional content, use of preservatives (non-GMO) and eco-friendly parameters (organic and natural ingredients) before buying a food product. They want to make safer choices for themselves as well as for the environment. 

This changed consumer behavior is one of the prominent reasons that has increased millet popularity immensely. Millets are high in various essential nutrients. They provide excellent nutrition to our body and play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of nutritional deficiencies. 

Moreover, millets have a lower Glycemic index. They absorb slowly and prevent sugar spikes. Thus. They are the ideal grain for diabetics. The high fiber content of millets makes them a great grain for weight loss. Being gluten-free, they are also a great option for people who have gluten allergies or suffer from celiac disease.

The benefits list of millets does not end here. Millets grow in less fertile soil and require less or no pesticides for surviving. Thus, they are naturally organic and free from harmful chemicals.

All these incredible benefits of millets attract modern consumers and they are looking for interesting ways to include millets in their day-to-day diet. 

Declaration of 2023 as international years of millets plays a vital role in increasing millet popularity 

This is another important factor that has increased millet popularity immensely in a shorter period in the food industry. UN has recognized the incredible potential of millets in solving food insecurity and has taken various steps to increase millets awareness worldwide. 

In India, central and state governments have launched various impressive millet initiatives like the millet mighty challenge, millet missions and millet workshops to inspire people to include millets in their diet. 

These initiatives have gotten great success and now, people are understanding the importance of millets in including millets in their diet and taking creative steps to make interesting millet recipes for themselves and their families. 

In what ways are millets taking the modern food industry by storm?

In India, millet flours (especially the bajra and jowar) have been used for making roti’s for ages. During winter, these flours were the popular options for millet consumption. But now, things have changed drastically. Apart from routine roti or chapati, millets have become a part of various snack and baking recipes. Here is a list of some interesting and unique millet recipes that have been gaining great popularity nowadays. 


In conclusion, millets are food for the future. Millets are beneficial for our health and environment both. Though millets are gaining great popularity each passing day, it still has a long way to go to become a staple food in all Indian households. If you have not included millets in your diet so far, then it is an ideal time to include millets in your day-to-day diet and get all the incredible benefits for your health.