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Growling stomach, overwhelming desire to eat pizza, chips, a tub of ice cream, or some chocolate and namkeen at 4pm?

This evening snack time is notorious for getting diet followers off the track. But instead of dreading 4pm, make it a healthy snack time with easy to make snacks like Ragi Idli.

It’s not always about weight loss; it is also about eating good healthy food. Namkeens and fried foods are overloaded with sugar, salt, and preservatives. It is okay to have these once in a while, however making them a part of our daily diet isn’t a good idea. When the clock strikes 4 pm, make sure you whip up a quick and healthy snack.

Don’t let hunger pangs get you down beat them with millet based snacks like Ragi Idli. Ragi snacks are the latest entrant in the packaged foods arena.

Why Ragi?

 The millet Ragi is easily available in local grocery stores across India. It is known by various names like ragi / nachni / madua / kezhvaragu / finger millets across India. Cheaper than the exotic superfoods like quinoa and oats, the humble Ragi is healthy and affordable to all.

It is a myth that healthy foods are expensive. Dietitians vouch for eating local and fresh, so don’t get carried away with the fancy packing of exotic superfoods. Indian millets can be your go-to superfood. They are pocket-friendly and readily available than exotic grains and millets.

Include ragi or any other millets for atleast 2-3 times a week in your diet. It is the best replacement for regular wheat flour. Ragi is naturally gluten-free and good for building immunity, gut health, and weight loss.

Ragi is commonly known as finger millet. It is rich in dietary fibers, proteins, potassium, and carbohydrates along with minerals such as calcium and iron. Thiamine and riboflavin are also present, which make it more nutrients dense.  Ragi is best for babies of weaning age, i.e 6+ months as it is a very good calcium source.

Here are some benefits of ragi:

High in protein

High in fiber

Best anti-aging food


Reduces cholesterol

Good for bone

Treats anemia

Good for digestion

Light on stomach


Helps in improving bone density

Helps in improving heart health

Helps in controlling diabetes

Helps to boost immunity

Aids weight loss.

Ragi is also a high-quality plant protein source with essential amino acids –

Methionine helps in reviving skin and hair health, making it excellent for anti-aging.

Valine and Isoleucine help to restore damaged muscle tissues.

Threonine helps in teeth and gum health.

Now that we know the benefits of Ragi, let us look at the various ways in which we can incorporate Ragi in our diet. We can make tasty and delicious snacks like

Ragi porridge,

Ragi chikki,

Ragi dosa,

Baked ragi chips,

Ragi idli,

Ragi ladoo

Ragi mudi

Ragi soup,

Ragi idiyappam,

Ragi chakli,

Ragi chips,

Ragi upma,

Ragi paneer paratha,

Ragi roti,

Ragi khakra,

Ragi cookie,

Ragi dhokla,

Ragi based pizza,

Ragi pancake

Our absolute favorite in the above list is ragi idli. Apart from the fact that SkyRoots Ragi Idli are healthy and delicious, they are quick to make and don’t turn soggy over time. You can make it beforehand and carry it in your tiffin to your work place.

Let’s give a healthy twist to the regular ragi idli :

 Ragi Idli :

 Ragi flour: 2 cup

Dahi / curd 1 cup

Rava ½ cup

Green peas: 1 cup

Corns: ½ cup

Carrot grated -1 cup

Bottle gourd grated: 1 cup

Spinach puree:1 cup

Coriander and Curry leaves: 4-8 spoons

Cabbage grated: 1 cup

Finely chopped pepper: 1 cup

Onion: 1 cup

Salt to taste

Fruit salt 2-4 pinch

Ginger garlic chili paste as per taste

Method :

Mix all veggies in the ragi flour batter and make idli. The curd will make idli softer and it’s a good probiotic for your gut, and the veggies will add more fiber, nutrition to your ragi idli. Let it cool a bit and then store in tiffin. Voila! Your 4 pm wali Choti bhook ka simple nutritious solution is ready.

Making simple mindful changes in your diet can make your regular food more healthy. So, be mindful and include millets like Ragi in your daily routine today to see a transformed you.