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Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen—a happily-ever-after to supper.” – Terri Guillemets. 

Of course, desserts are tasty treats. Having dessert after the main meal is a common food tradition in many parts of the world, including India. 

Though eating desserts is a great way to complete a meal and to satisfy our sweet cravings, most of the typical desserts are made of unhealthy ingredients like Maida, white sugar, etc. and may not be a healthy option to include in our routine diet.

But what if you could convert your dessert obsession into a healthier indulgence? 

Yes, we are talking about millet desserts. 

Including millet desserts in your diet is a great way to enjoy routine dessert recipes with a healthy twist.

We are sharing 7 amazing millet dessert recipes that are perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Millet Cake

Millet cake is one of the best dessert recipes made with millets. For making millet cake, you can either use mixed millet flour or can use single millet flour like sorghum or finger millet flour. For sweeteners, you can use dates, honey, banana or another sweetener of your choice. Follow the routine cake recipe by adding the millet flour along with all-purpose flour and bake a  tasty cake with this healthy addition. 

If you want to make your cake-baking process simpler and hassle-free, you can also try our chocolate millet cake mix. This cake mix is an easy way to bake a great cake within a short time. It is a great combination of delicious taste and the right texture.  SkyRoots millet cake mix is also available in Vanilla flavour.

Millet Cookies or brownies 

For making millet cookies, you can use sorghum millet flour, finger millet flour or pearl millet flour. Take mixed millet flour, ghee or butter, sugar and baking powder in a bowl and prepare a cookie dough. Add cacao powder to make millet brownie. Follow the routine brownie or cookie recipe to make tasty, healthy millet brownies or cookies. 

If you are looking for a simpler way to make millet brownies, you can use our Brownie millet baking mix. We use high-quality ingredients and our ready-to-use mixes offer perfect results with less effort. 

Millet Pudding 

For making millet pudding, heat the pan and add ghee and roast millet flour for a few minutes.  Next, add milk to dry roasted millets and boil it until it turns thick in consistency. Add a sweetener of your choice and garnish with dry fruits. Serve hot or chilled as per your preference. 

Millet Ladoo

You can follow the traditional ladoo recipe by replacing semolina or wheat flour with millet flour. Add dry fruits, coconut flakes or other flavor-enhancing ingredients like nutmeg and cardamom. For sweeteners, you can various options like coconut sugar, jaggery or dates as per your taste and availability of ingredients. 

Millet Halwa

Just like Ladoo and Kheer, halwa is another popular dessert option in Indian cuisine. Halwa is made by roasting different flours (like wheat flour, gram flour etc.) in ghee. Here, again you can use millet flour to replace other commonly used flour. Roast the millet flour in ghee properly, then add warm water, and a sweetener of your choice and garnish with dry fruits. Your tasty and healthy millet halwa is ready to enjoy. 

Millet Barfi

It is another great variation and a healthy twist to a routine barfi recipe. Dry roast the millet flour in ghee for 15-20 minutes or until it turns golden brown. Add milk, sweetener, dry fruits powder or grated coconut and cook till the consistency is thick. Flatten it on a greased plate. Cut into burfi shapes and let it cool.

Millet Pancakes

If you have little kids at home, then this recipe will be loved by them. For making millet pancakes, mix dry ingredients in one bowl which includes millet flour, salt, and baking powder. In another bowl, add wet ingredients, egg, oil and milk. Combine both ingredients properly. Grease the pan with butter and make millet pancakes like a routine pancake recipe. Add a sweet syrup like honey and cut fruits of your choice.


These millet dessert recipes are wholesome and nutritious and a perfect way to celebrate any occasion. If you are looking for more interesting ways to include millets in your diet, do not forget to check our millet recipes page. Bookmark this page for future reference and we are sure that you will get plenty of ideas to include millets in your routine diet with these amazing recipes.