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If you are new to millets, then it might surprise you to know that millets can be used for making various drinks and beverages too. 

With some creativity and pre-planning, you can use various millets (finger millets, Pearl millet and little millet) for making millet beverages. 

How does millet soups and millet hot chocolate sound for a lazy evening when you are watching the rain pitter-patter on your window sill?

As India awaits the monsoons, we have curated a list of easy millet-based hot beverages that you can enjoy on a rainy day. 

Read on to know more.

7 Millet based hot beverages that are perfect for the rainy season –

Bajra Raab 

This is one of the most popular and nutritious millet hot beverage recipes to enjoy during the rainy season. First, you need to roast the bajra flour in ghee for a while and then add hot water and a sweetener of your choice (jaggery or sugar) to make it. You can adjust the consistency of Raab as per your individual preferences. Some people also add edible gum, dry ginger powder and other nuts or spice to enhance its taste. It has been believed that this is a great recipe to boost your immunity and keep the common cough, cold at bay. 

Millet soups (millet lentil soup, millet beans soup, millet vegetable soup) 

Soups are the perfect recipe to enjoy on a rainy evening. They are full of nutrients and easy to digest. You can make various millet-based soups to relish as an appetizer or even as a light meal. If you are looking for high-protein millet soups, then you can try millet lentil or millet Bean soups. If you want to boost your vegetable intake, then millet vegetable soups can be a great option for you. You can add a variety of vegetables like corn, beetroot and carrot to make millet soups. Make your soups the way you normally do, but simply substitute cornflour with roasted millet flour to make millet based soups.

Millet broths

If you are not a big fan of soups, then you can try millet broths. Millet broths have a thinner consistency than soups, but they are equally nutritious and great in taste. Little millet or kutki broth is one of the popular millet broth recipes to enjoy during the rainy season. 

Millet milk (Bajra almond drink etc.)

Traditional milk recipes like golden milk (turmeric milk) or masala milk (milk with dry fruit powder) are quite popular in Indian households and now, you can make these recipes by using millet milk too. If you are a vegan, then millet milk is a great alternative to replace dairy milk. Bajra almond milk is one of the most popular millet-based beverages to relish during the rainy season. 

Millet hot chocolate (Ragi hot chocolate)

If you have little kids at home, then this one is the perfect option for you. Enjoy the richness of hot chocolate with the power-packed nutrition of millets with millet hot chocolate. For making this recipe, finger millets (ragi) work best.  Just add 1 teaspoon of ragi flour to warm water and make a paste. Add this paste to warm milk and stir well. Mix cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon powder and bring it to a boil while stirring continuously to make millet hot chocolate.

Millet malt 

Millet malt, especially the ragi millet malt, is another popular millet drink recipe to include the goodness of millet in our diet. For making this, you can first prepare the millet powder at home or can use readymade millet malt powder, readily available in the market. Ragi millet malt is one of the best recipes for including millet in your kid’s diet. 

Ragi Ambali

Fermented food and drinks are good for our gut health. Now, we can make them with millets too. Fermented Ragi Ambali is a popular millet fermented drink. It is a great probiotic option. It is rich in vitamin B12 and a good option for diabetic patients too. Ambali is popular in South India with variations in preparations, here is a simple Ambali recipe that you can try.


In conclusion, millet-based hot beverages are not only a great way to include millets in our diet but they are way healthier options than other market-bought beverages as well. So, during this rainy season, try these healthy and tasty millet-based beverages and let us know, which one you liked best. 

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