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The festival season heralds the gifting season, and so does the spending season. It’s essential to set a budget for gifts so that you don’t overspend on them. Setting a budget is the way to limit purchases and make mindful choices so that you don’t pinch your pocket and end up buying wisely.

Here are some simple steps to gift thoughtful gifts while staying within your budget during the festival season:

Make a list:

Pre-plan before buying. Making a list of people you wish to gift helps in identifying realistic budgets and the number of gifts required.  Make a list of things that each person likes and the things that are in your budget. Remember to keep a buffer of 10 to 20% so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

 Shop Online

Shop online as it helps you compare on multiple sites. Once decided, keep the product in your cart. Many brands do run sales and discounts/offers during festival seasons. Keeping it in your cart will help you keep track of the product and buy it when you find a good deal. This is going to help you in saving money by buying the same product at a discounted rate. Unplanned or last-minute shopping for festival gifting will put unnecessary pressure and you end up buying things that are not value for money.

Avoid multiple gifting:

Avoid multiple presents. Buy one gift for one person. Buy only one gift, but a valuable and thoughtful one. For eg; A person suffering from diabetes will appreciate a sugarless snack or some healthy millet based snacks instead of traditional sweets or fried food. This will not only make the person happy and special, it will also help you stay on budget.

Track your list:

Make sure that you track the list that you made earlier and also track your spending. As soon as you buy the gift write the amount in the list that you made to make sure you don’t overspend.

opt for healthy gifting instead of regular options

Gifts like clothing, traditional snacks, and dry fruits are traditional gifting options that are extremely common. Giving these gifts makes it clear that there was little thought put in selecting the gift. Instead, try gifting something that they like and will appreciate. For a fitness enthusiast, gift yoga mat or a gym bag or protein shake mugs. Similarly, gift gluten-free food for friends and family with gluten allergy or lifestyle diseases.

This festival season let’s not give clothes, besan ladoo, dry-fruits or chocolate boxes as gifts, let’s make it more interesting by giving gifts that are not only budget-friendly but also unique and useful to the receiver.

Smart gifting ideas:

For a couple, plan a shared gift or a couple gift, and for the elderly try some useful and healthy gifts. If you are gifting someone for the first time and you don’t know their choices and interest opt for cash instead.

List of some most common ways to give budget-friendly festival gifting:

  1. Plan a get-together with friends and family instead of exchanging presents.
  2. You can gift them home-made cookies with special handwritten notes.
  3. You can gift OTT subscription.
  4. DIY candles, a hand-painted bottle, or a hand-painted frame are some of the cool ideas that never go out of style.      
  5. Healthy gifting can extend to customized food hampers like breakfast pre mix, healthy sweets and namkeen.
  6. Personalized piggy banks for kids
  7. Home-made dark chocolate granola
  8. Aromatherapy hampers
  9. Customized mugs, pillows, frames
  10. Customized keychains
  11. Healthy bakery hamper or pre-mix
  12. Customized Mousepads/ laptop screen
  13. If the person is an automobile fan give them some accessories related to the car like car perfume, evil eye charms, and tissue holders.
  14. Spa/salon hampers
  15. A planter or indoor plants
  16. A home decor
  17. Stationery set
  18. Office desk organizers
  19. Dining wear
  20. Kitchen Appliances

These are some simple budget-friendly gifting ideas that are useful and valuable gifts for your loved one. Always make sure you keep personal choices, interests, ages, and gender into consideration before planning the gift. Gifts make the festival more special for your loved one. It is a silent way of showing love.

Pro tip:

Remember, the earlier you plan, the more gifting option you get to select from, and you are more likely to stay on budget and avoid emotional overspending as well. 

Who doesn’t like gifts and if the gift is of their choice it makes them happier isn’t it? Did you like anything from the list? Share in comments with us.