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A gift is a way of expressing gratitude, a way of showing love, respect, and care. However, corporate gifting or gifting to loyal customers needs different considerations as compared to gifting to our loved ones. It is not just about personal preferences or likes, corporate gifting also needs to consider the company values and branding that will be promoted by way of such gifts.

Gifts for loyal client’s needs to be thoughtful as well as communicative of the brands essence. In such scenarios, healthy food hampers, healthy lifestyle hampers, or healthy gift cards seem to check all the right boxes.

Healthy gifts are the most useful gifts as they are appreciated by all, irrespective of their age or gender. Healthy gift options vary from venture to venture, a business owner would like to gift a healthy snack box and a personalized coffee mug, while a solopreneur would opt for a spa voucher or a box of chocolates. However many do not prefer picking general healthy gifting options as it does not consider each one’s personal preferences. Also if the gift is to be sent to loyal customers across the world, then the shelf life of the product might be a hindrance hence many consider healthy gift cards to be an effective and time-saving gifting option. So rather than getting confused about what to give, giving them a healthy gift card is the best choice. It’s the best option post covid as it is also a perfect contactless gifting option.

A business firm should consider giving their loyal clients a health gift for customer satisfaction, building a long-term relationship, helping boost referral rate retention, and the kind of brand repute it builds. When you share a health gift, you reinforce the values of care and consideration. This will go a long way as your gift will stand out in comparison with numerous other run of the mill gifting products. With healthy gift card your loyal customer can buy something when they need as gift cards normally are valid for at least a year.

If you are running a business with loyal clients then gifting at regular intervals to stay in touch, stay on top of their mind, and especially thanking them for being your loyal client is recommended. By this, you are not only making them happy and winning their trust but by this, they spread word of mouth for your services or business and help you grow. It will be investing in memorable marketing for growing your business.  A firm should be thankful to their loyal customers for sticking with them for a long time. When gifting loyal clients, you should opt for healthy gift cards, so that the client can buy anything they want.

You can add a personal touch by adding the receiver’s name and a nice thank you message for being loyal to your brand. It is important to nurture loyal clients especially in the era of stiff competition.

There are various kind of gift cards:

  • Transferable / non transferable
  • For the entire family, one can purchase using the gift card
  • Healthy hamper gift card
  • Spa gift card
  • Aroma theory gift card
  • Buy anything card

Here are 5 reasons to gift a healthy gift card to your loyal clients:

1: Convenient:

Gift cards are more convenient than gifts, the receiver has a choice to purchase anything they want.  The giver need not think about what to give, and it’s a win-win for the receiver as well, as they can buy something they want and at a time that they prefer.

  1. Freedom to buy as per their requirement:

The receiver has the freedom to buy whatever they like. It gives them more happiness.

  1. Best marketing trick:

If you are a healthy brand then by giving them healthy gift cards, you are giving them a choice, so they might not only end up buying more products but also spread word of mouth to friends and relatives looking for similar healthy treats. Studies show that the gift card receiver spends 38% -40% more than the gift card value.

  1. Stay in touch:

Sending healthy gifts on every occasion creates brand awareness and urgency to buy your products using the card before it gets expired. It’s another way to bring more traffic and more sales.

Gift cards are easy to carry and easy to assess. So next time you think about gifting, gift a healthy gift card to your client and generate not just goodwill but also sales.