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Your body requires a balanced nutrition which consists of protein, fiber, fat, essential vitamins, and minerals. This becomes even more important when you are on a fitness regime. What you eat after and before a workout plays a very important role in achieving your fitness goals. If you are wondering what to eat post workout, we suggest hazelnut millet bars!

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Why Post workout snack is essential?

Your body needs nutrition post-workout to rebuild its glycogen storage. It needs nutrition to repair and regrow muscle protein. Post-workout snack helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis, improves recovery and enhances performance. After intense gym sessions or workout sessions, you should always look to refuel your energy and the simplest way to achieve this is by opting for energy bars.

How do post work-out snack like Hazelnut millet bar help?

Hazelnut millet bars helps decrease protein breakdown and increase protein synthesis.

Post-workout snacks like millet bars help lower muscle soreness as it’s loaded with nutrients.

It helps improve immune function and bone mass. During the workout, carbohydrates too are burned, so post-workout snacks should be rich in both carbs as well as protein. Studies show that having a post-workout snack within 2 hours of workouts is most beneficial.

These days you get various energy bars like protein bars, high fiber bars, low carbs bars, and keto bars but when it comes to balancing your nutrition, we believe a healthy millet bar should be your go-to option. Millets are not only rich in fiber and protein, but are also a powerhouse of energy, loaded with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

All About Millet:

Millet belongs to the Poaceae family (grass family). Millets have been the most commonly consumed grain in India for over 100’s of years. There is a huge diversity when it comes to various millets that are found in India, like finger millet, pearl millet, proso millet, foxtail millet, etc.

Millet is a healthier alternative to gluten flours like whole wheat flour and is a perfect option for people with gluten allergies. Millets are calcium-rich and also rich in phosphorus and magnesium. They have antioxidants and are a local superfood that is a powerhouse of nutrition. Millet also helps to control the blood sugar level and lower cholesterol, making it a perfect post-workout snack. These are most important for muscle recovery and energy. Millets being the most versatile ingredient, can easily blend in all forms like powder or grain. You can experiment with multiple flavors and textures with millets.

Millet bars are easily available these days with interesting combinations like chocolate, coconut, berries, etc. but the most unique combination for millet bars is hazelnut millet bar. A healthy and delicious snack post-workout.

Hazelnut Millet Bar:

The nutty flavor of hazelnut and millet makes these bars yummy and delicious. Perfect substitute when you are craving for sweets but also want to eat something healthy. SkyRoots Hazelnut millet bar has interesting ingredients like jowar flakes, roasted hazelnut, roasted almonds, and sprouted ragi powder that make this a healthy and tasty snack that one should have in their gym bag.

It is gluten-free and sugar-free, which makes it a healthier alternative. Millets are high in protein and fiber. It is not only delicious but also cholesterol free and hand-crafted, which makes it very appealing. Hazelnuts too are rich in antioxidants and help reduce cholesterol. Another benefit of hazelnut is that it helps reduce weight gain, thereby aiding the fitness efforts.

Nutrition information:

100 grams of these healthy millet bars provides -Approximately 553.10 kcal

-Total fats 34.09 g,

-0 trans-fat,

-Total protein is 5.68 grams and

– It is loaded with fiber which makes for approximately 9.21 g.

Use this tasty hazelnut millet bar to top up your protein levels. This is particularly helpful for vegetarians as vegetarian protein sources are very less. Including millets in your daily meals helps you increase your protein levels. Millet bars are better than sugar-laden gluten bars.

Isn’t it a healthy option to opt for?


 Train -Eat Millet Bars – Rest. Repeat

Use this simple formula to achieve your fitness goals. Now with hazelnut millet bars, you have multiple flavors to choose from as well, so bringing variety to your fitness snacks is now stress free!

A note of caution here is to always read the labels before you pick a healthy snack. Look for the ingredients list. It should have all the nutrition information and the ingredients should be readable. Make sure you understand what goes into your gut to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.