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There is at least one person in the family who always comes up with thoughtful gifts for everyone. It is a fantastic superpower to have but not all can ace the gifting game. Most of us are stressed when it comes to the gifting season as we aren’t sure what to gift.

To help you solve this dilemma, we spied on some of the cool gifters to find the secret of their superpower.

Here are the top 6 tips that one should keep in mind when buying a gift

  1. Observe

The first rule of good gifting is to observe the lifestyle, interests, personalities, and hobbies of the other person. Without observation, your guess is as good as any’s. Make a note of the things someone takes interest in and make sure to remember it at the time you want to gift them something. Additionally, giving something to someone who might not invest in it themselves but has expressed a desire to do so could make for a really good gift. Sometimes, the receiver might give you a hint as to what they would like, and you’re likely to miss it if you’re not observant.

  1. Personalize

Giving a personalized gift which would appeal to that person would make for a very memorable gift. A person might receive many gifts in their lifetime, but one that is needed by them, or is special for them, is likely to stay in their memory for a long time. It would also help you develop a closer bond if you expressed your thoughtfulness through gift-giving. For instance, a personalized travel folder would be a great gift to travel loving friend.  

  1. Promote good health and causes

A good gift is also one that promotes a good cause or good health. For instance, a person struggling with a particular subject at school, college, or work might appreciate a really interesting book about the subject to help with the same instead of a random fiction title. On the other hand, someone working towards losing weight or suffering from heart disease might appreciate a gift basket of healthy snacks to promote healthy eating. In fact, healthy gifting as a concept is very underrated and an extremely thoughtful approach when it comes to gifting. A good friend or family member would remember to take into account your health and lifestyle, and it is important to emulate this same energy while gifting something to a loved one.

  1. Be creative

Creativity takes effort. A gift that is creative, or somehow different than what is usually given, can make all the difference. Something you create from your own idea or through an inspiration can be a truly cherishable gift for the other person. It would signify to them that you put time, effort, and thought into making them something that can never be replicated for someone else.

  1. Take your time

Good gifting rarely happens last minute. For those who want to gift thoughtfully, it is important to give yourself enough time to observe someone’s needs and wants, and to pick out a gift. This could be anywhere around a month or two in advance, to a year in advance depending on your budget and how much time it would take to acquire the gift for you to gift it on time.

  1. Give your time

A thoughtful gift is not always a thing, but sometimes your time. Someone who appreciates your company and who doesn’t get it often might appreciate you taking out the time to be with them in person. Even otherwise, your company at a special event or place might make someone happier than receiving a gift to enjoy alone. Investing in things you could do together such as a board game or a date night might be really special for your loved one. By expressing your desire to be with someone in celebration of their special day, you make a great impression and get to spend more time with a close one. If possible, always inquire about someone’s availability before you make plans on your own accord for their special day.

So these are some relevant tips for all those looking to find the perfect gift this festive season. We suggest healthy gifting as that is perfect for every age group and after all ‘health is wealth’.

Have you started your gift shopping? If not, read up these ideas and make a list of things that you think your loved ones would love and start shopping!