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Why Jaggery should be an important ingredient in post delivery diet?

By 14/04/2023April 24th, 2023No Comments

You might have already heard that jaggery or gud is a healthier substitute to refined white sugar and offers many incredible health benefits. But do you know, jaggery is an essential ingredient for the postpartum period too? Our ancient Ayurvedic system highly recommended to include jaggery in a new mom’s diet. Experts suggest that consuming jaggery after delivery not only boosts energy in new moms, but it helps in faster recovery as well.

Why jaggery or gud is an extremely important ingredient post-delivery? And what are some amazing benefits of organic jaggery for new moms? Read on to know more.

Why is jaggery or Gud an extremely important ingredient post-delivery?

Ancient wisdom and Ayurveda suggest that a new mom should eat a specific diet after delivery. Apart from eating light and easily digestible meals, you should include nutritious snacks like Panjiri or Gond lodoo in your diet. Jaggery is one of the essential ingredients in these post-delivery recipes. Jaggery offers many incredible benefits for women post delivery and serves as an excellent option to provide nutrition to new moms. Considering the level of adulteration and chemicals involved in the processes today, it is best to opt for organic jaggery for new moms.

Health Benefits of jaggery for new moms 

1.      Jaggery helps in cleansing the uterus and fastens the recovery 

Jaggery is considered a warm food and has body-cleansing properties. It helps to cleanse the uterus after delivery and aids in stopping the bleeding earlier. With this action, jaggery helps to heal the sites of injuries and facilitates faster recovery after delivery. 

2.      Jaggery is high in nutrition and helps boost energy in the postpartum period 

A woman’s body undergoes various psychological changes during pregnancy and as a result, many women suffer from weakness, low energy and other minor body ailments like backache after delivery. Organic Jaggery contains various essential nutrients like iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc. These nutrients provide excellent nourishment for your body and help in boosting stamina after delivery. 

3.      Jaggery helps in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia 

Blood loss during labor causes low hemoglobin levels and iron deficiency anemia in many women. Including jaggery in your diet is one of the best ways to treat iron deficiency anemia. 100 gm of jaggery contains 32% iron and works great as a natural source of iron.

4.      Jaggery boosts immunity and reduces the chances of infection 

Jaggery is high in antioxidants. It offers good antioxidant activity in the body. It reduces oxidative stress in the body and increases the body’s resistance to infections. In this way, jaggery helps to boost immunity and reduces the chances of infections. 

5.      Jaggery helps in lowering blood pressure 

Many women suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy. Jaggery contains a good amount of potassium, which helps in lowering blood pressure after delivery. 

6.      Jaggery plays a vital role in liver detoxification 

Jaggery stimulates the secretion of various essential digestive enzymes in the body and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. It boosts metabolism and plays a vital role in the liver detoxification process after delivery.

7.       Jaggery is good for digestion

Digestive issues like constipation are common in women after delivery. Jaggery is high in fiber. It helps in easy digestion after delivery and prevents common digestive issues like constipation and indigestion. 

Word of caution 

Organic jaggery offers many health benefits, however, anything in access is counter-productive. Jaggery is still high in calories and can cause weight gain if consumed in excess amounts. You should not consume jaggery post-delivery if you have gestational diabetes or have already been diagnosed with diabetes, as it could worsen your diabetes. 

Why do women need special care after delivery?

Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful and rewarding experience of any woman’s life. However, it is equally challenging too. Pregnancy and labor can take a toll on a woman’s body and they need extra care during the postpartum period to heal better.


Jaggery is highly beneficial for women after delivery. Make sure to buy organic jaggery from a reliable source to ensure good quality. If you want, you can buy organic jaggery online too. You can try various jaggery recipes like ragi ladoo, Panjiri, Halim laddoo to include jaggery in your diet post-delivery.