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Weight loss seems to be limited to the belly part but it isn’t. Trying rapid weight loss sometimes may affect our hormones, and other organs of the body disturbing the essential body movements.

Following a healthy diet is always a safe bet on losing weight in a smarter way. But, many people suffering from obesity are seen ignoring a healthy diet practice because they think they will lose the ‘taste’ factor while losing weight.

What if we guide you to a safe, healthy, Gluten Free and TASTY option for the diet which enables you for weight loss?

Meet Ragi or Nachni or Eleusine coracana.

Commonly known as finger millet in western culture, Ragi is the best preferred, gluten free & tasty millet available for the ones who want to adopt a healthy diet option.

The tastiest recipe made with Ragi is Ragi idli. Regular idli just made with Ragi flour.
You can find the ragi flour here. And to make ragi idlis with this flour, you can find the easiest recipe here.

But, why Ragi for weight loss?

Let’s find out…

Ragi is known for its properties which shed off additional calories and help you lose weight. Also known as Nachni in some culture, it is full of an amino acid known as Tryptophan which is good for decreasing the appetite and control the weight. When consumed, Ragi takes significant time to break down and digest. Result? You can keep your tummy full for a longer time.

As we mentioned, everywhere you find, Ragi is millet and like all millets, Ragi is also gluten free. And we know how gluten is dangerous if you really want to lose those extra pounds.

With Ragi in your diet, you don’t need to run for that energy bar or midnight snack. Another reason it is good for weight loss is that it contains a high amount of fibre compared to other grains and millets. Along with fibre, it has a low amount of fat content which helps you get rid of unsaturated forms of it making it a perfect diet partner for your weight loss goals.

Sugar is an enemy for those suffering from obesity or for those who simply want to lose more weight in order to maintain body shape.

With Ragi, you can eliminate sugar from your body as it contains polyphenols. Other than low sugar levels, it also reduces the risk of diabetes in obese people. Due to its low glycemic index, ragi helps in maintaining dangerous blood sugar levels at bay.

Along with weight loss, you can also detox your body with Ragi as it contains phytocyanins & lignans which helps you get rid of free radicals from your body.

Going through a weight loss treatment by following a healthy diet could be stressful for some people. When you adopt Ragi as your diet buddy, you can say goodbye to stress. The amino acids & antioxidants in ragi will make your body free from stress. Some researches have also found that Ragi helps you in insomnia, so, after a hectic day, you can enjoy a stress-free sleep.

Start including Ragi in your diet with instant ragi idli mix from SkyRoots today and gift your body a stress-free experience while losing weight.

Don’t forget to share your experience with gluten free ragi idli with us in the comment section below.

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  • ansul gupta says:

    As Ragi is high in carbohydrates it takes time to digest and slow absorb carbs in it. Therefore it is suitable for weight loss. Ragi is also a good source of calcium which is good for bones too.

  • harry says:

    From 80kg to 55kg – this weight loss product made the impossible possible. Join the ranks of success stories by click here and embracing a healthier lifestyle!

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