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Finger Millet, commonly known as Ragi, is a cereal widely consumed in India. It is a traditional weaning food for babies and one of the first solids to be introduced. Ragi is rich in calcium and helps to keep babies full for longer, ensuring a sound undisturbed sleep. Ragi helps to strengthen the bones by providing high calcium and iron. It is beneficial for adults as well, be it for weight loss or diabetes.

Some facts about Ragi aka Finger Millet that you probably didn’t know:

  • Karnataka is the highest producer, contributing to nearly 58% of the country’s ragi production.
  • Ragi has different names in different local languages, Ragi in Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu, Mandua/ Mangal in Hindi, Kodra in Himachal Pradesh, Mandia in Oriya, Taidalu in Telangana, and Nachni in Marathi.

 7 Health Benefits of Ragi You must know:

1. Prevents skin aging:

  • Ragi is a natural skincare agent, so it’s an anti-aging cereal.
  • Methionine and Lysine, the amino acids present in ragi, protect the skin from wrinkles and dullness.
  • The antioxidants in ragi help to fight stress and reverse the signs of aging.
  • Ragi rejuvenates the skin cells, making you look fresh and healthy.
  • Ragi contains Vitamin E that helps lubricate the skin, forming a protective layer that enables your skin to glow.
  • Ragi also acts as a natural assistant for body wounds.

2. Ragi is good for your hair.

  • Ragi is rich in proteins which help prevent hair loss. Hair is made of protein called keratin and protein deficiency, may cause hair fall.
  • Ragi is proven to prevent premature greying of hair. Oxidation or damage of tissues causes greying, and the antioxidants present in ragi prevent this.
  • Ragi increases blood circulation in your body, which helps in hair growth.

3. Natural Weight Loss Agent:

  • Ragi has high amounts of fiber in it that keeps your stomach full for a longer time and prevents food cravings which help in weight loss.
  • The right time to consume finger millet is in the morning hours, like breakfast or mid-day.
  • Ragi contains a type of amino acid called tryptophan that aids in weight loss. Tryptophan reduces appetite and so it helps keep hunger pangs at bay.

4. High Protein:

  • A protein named Eleusinian, majorly found in ragi, prevents malnutrition.
  • It is the healthiest source of protein, especially for vegetarians.
  • Even the Methionine in ragi content makes up 5% of the total protein.
  • Ragi cannot be polished like other cereal grains and also it is too tiny, so we can easily consume it in its purest form and get maximum health benefits.

5. Ragi is the richest source of calcium:

  • 100 grams of ragi has 344 milligrams of calcium. Ragi is the perfect food to prevent osteoporosis.

6. Prevents Diabetes:

  • Ragi, if consumed regularly, can help reduce your risk of diabetes, as the polyphenols and dietary fibers are prevalent in ragi.
  • It helps to lower the level of blood sugar and stabilizes it.

7. Best for lactating mom:

  • Lactating women are advised to consume ragi as it increases hemoglobin levels, which are needed for the healing of a new mom.
  • Studies show that when a lactating mother added ragi to her daily diet, it helped her to increase her amino acids profile and breast milk.

4 interesting and quick recipes using ragi

Ragi Dosa–With three simple ingredients, you can make Ragi Dosa’s in minutes and provide a healthy breakfast to your family. Use our Ragi Idli Mix, add salt, water and baking soda to make instant Ragi Dosa batter. Read the full recipe here –

Ragi Laddu Recipe – A quick, healthy and tasty recipe that is perfect for an evening snack. Take Skyroots Ragi mix, ghee, jaggery and dry fruits to make these delicious laddu’s within no time. Read the full recipe here –

Ragi Idli – Just like Ragi Dosa, you can make Ragi Idli’s using three simple ingredients like Ragi Idli Mix, sour curd and baking soda. Read the complete recipe here –

Ragi Onion Uttapam – Make the Ragi Dosa batter ready and let it rest for 1 hour. Chop onion and coriander leaves. Pour a ladle of Ragi Dosa on the hot tava and top it up with chopped onions and coriander leaves and some sesame seeds for added protein. Roast it from both sides and enjoy with rasam or chutney.