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As we step into a new year, it is time to set fresh health goals and embrace wholesome wellness. Apart from eating balanced meals, including nutrient-rich beverages in your everyday routine is a good idea to make your daily diet healthy and nourishing. 

If you are looking for a healthy beverage to replace your traditional tea, then we have a perfect suggestion for you. 

We are talking about Skyroot’s new product “Millet tea”

What is Millet Tea? 

Millet tea is a healthy beverage that can be used as an excellent alternative to replace your traditional tea. Unlike conventional teas, it is an infusion of tea dust and a curated mix of millets. It has a slightly nutty flavor and a unique earthy aroma. You can add a variety of spices and herbs (such as ginger, cardamom etc.) to enhance its taste and flavor. 

Ingredients of Skyroot’s Millet Tea

Apart from incorporating different types of millet, Skyroot has used different spices and nuts like cashew nuts, cardamom and clove in millet tea to create an appealing taste. Here are more details of the ingredients.

Skyroot’s millet tea contains: 

  • Tea Dust: 55%
  • Finger Millet: 8%
  • Pearl Millet: 8%
  • Sorghum Millet: 8%
  • Maize: 7%
  • Barley: 5%
  • Groundnut: 3%
  • Sago: 2%
  • Fried Bengal Gram: 2%
  • Cashew Nut: 1%
  • Cardamom: 0.5%
  • Clove: 0.5%

Health Benefits

Nutrient-Rich and Low in Calories

 Millet tea is a powerhouse of nutrition. It provides various essential nutrients to our body and improves our overall health. It is low in calories, thus it helps in managing your calorie intake and works great for weight-loss management. 

Rich in calcium

Along with various other nutrients, Skyroot’s millet tea serves as a significant source of calcium (100 gm of millet tea provides 239.5 gm calcium) and helps in improving your bone and teeth health. 

Digestive Wellness

Millet tea is a great source of dietary fiber. The high fiber content helps you stay full for longer periods and support healthy digestion. 

Perfect for Vegan Diets

 Being gluten-free, millet tea can be used as a great option to include in a vegan diet. People with gluten allergies or celiac disease can also enjoy millet tea as a healthy drink to satisfy their drink cravings. 

Ideal for diabetic patients and also improves heart health

 Millet is a great option for preventing sugar spikes and managing your blood sugar level effectively. Hence, millet tea can be a good option for diabetic patients.

Perfect for every season

Millet tea is a refreshing health drink and can be consumed anytime of the day. It contributes to reducing cholesterol levels and improving cardiovascular health. As a health drink, you can serve millet tea anytime during the day and in any season.

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How to Make Millet Tea?

For making millet tea, first, take 6 gm of millet tea powder and cook it in 2/3 glass of water to form a millet tea decoction. You can use sugar or any natural sweetener of your choice (honey) to sweeten this decoction. Next, bring half a glass of milk to a gentle boil. Now, combine the boiled milk with the brewing Millet Tea Decoction and stir well. Allow it to simmer on a low flame for a minute and then strain. Your healthy and tasty millet tea is ready to enjoy. 

Nutritional Facts

100 gm of millet tea provides 377.9 kcal energy, 3.8 gm fat, 20.3 gm protein, 65.6 gm carbohydrate, 24.43 gm dietary fiber, 46.2 mg sodium, 49.9 mg potassium and 239.5 mg calcium. 


In conclusion, if you have made a resolution to prioritize your health in the new year, then millet tea can be your perfect companion on this journey. If you are looking for a premium quality millet tea to start your millet tea journey, then you should check out Skyroot’s millet tea. It is made of high-quality ingredients and contains no added preservatives or additives. The best part, millet tea has a longer shelf life of 12 months and it is available at an affordable price of 115 Rs. Buy Skyroot’s millet tea today and share your experience in the comment box.