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What is Sorghum or Jowar? 

Sorghum or jowar is a versatile and ancient grain that originated in Africa. It has been a staple food in various cultures for thousands of years.

Apart from being a popular crop, jowar has been used as animal or bird fodder since ancient times. Today, jowar holds the impressive position of being the fifth most widely grown crop worldwide. People across the world are keen to make it a part of their routine diet due to its impressive nutritional profile and other amazing health benefits. 

Plant Description

Jowar belongs to the family Poaceae and its botanical name is Sorghum bicolor. There are various species and varieties of sorghum. 

The height of the sorghum plant ranges from 2 to 8 feet. The sorghum plant has a wax coating on its leaves. This wax covering acts as a protective barrier against moisture loss and makes sorghum a well-suited crop for arid and drought-prone regions.


 Sorghum can grow in a wide range of soils and high temperature conditions. Sorghum crop offers a natural resistance to drought and can survive well in adverse weather conditions. It grows worldwide in many countries including Sudan, Mexico, Nigeria, USA and India. In India, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the leading producers of Sorghum. 

Names of Sorghum in Different Languages

Jowar goes by different names in various languages in India, it is known as “Jowar” in Hindi and Gujarati, Cholam in Tamil, Jwarri in Marathi, Jannalu in Telugu and Joyaar in Bengali. In Nigeria, it is called Dawa or Guinea-corn.

Health Benefits

 Like all other millets, it is rich in essential is high in fiber; thus, it improves digestion. A lower GI index makes it an ideal grain for diabetic patients and being gluten-free, it is a great choice of grain for people with gluten allergy and celiac disease.

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Jowar Recipes

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In conclusion, Jowar or sorghum stands out as a resilient and nutritionally rich grain with a rich history and global presence.

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